It has been almost thirty years since the establishment of our firm in 1980. Although it seems to be a short period in the history of mankind, yet it corresponds to a long and important period of time in the life of a company.

In business life, it takes a long time to establish and maintain a sound "Trust". It is like an investment which pays off after substantial period. Today, by the grace of Almighty ALLAH, we are happy to be harvesting the fruits of the "TRUST" we have established in our customers.

Indusmens Corporation have accomplished successful construction projects to the tune of multi Billion Rupees in the areas of Civil and Mechanical works which include Infrastructures, Earth-works, Road works, Water Supply/Sewerage works, Water retaining structures, Concrete works, Building works, marine works, Mining and Quarry developments etc. We are maintaining a fleet of Earth-moving, Road works machines, including 175 Tons per hour capacity Parker Mobile Asphalt Plant; Asphalt ready mix transportation and laying machines; Crusher Plant producing aggregate materials; Kerb Stone block making facilities; Pre-cast Concrete works and RCC Pipes; Concrete works machines and other interrelated construction machines and equipments alongwith dedicated and experienced technical personnel; licensed by Pakistan Engineering Council as C-A Category No Limit Contractor, and can safely boast to be one of the largest companies in the area of its specialization.

We are proud of our long experience in the construction industry with the HIGHEST STANDARDS maintained in our projects. Our motto is to develop best possible solutions for the demands of our clients in such a way as to bring the dreams into reality by integration of workable design methods with the execution. Developing and managing an entire operation from project definition to turn-key delivery is our identity.

Construction is a specialized job and requires an understanding of traditional construction methods and detailed knowledge of new techniques. Growth of new technologies and form of contracts are improving the quality, reducing the wastages and eliminating the chances of undue increases in the overall cost of projects. We are always in search of and accept new challenges to get the benefit as well as to pass and share with our clients.

At the same time, WORKS themselves are becoming more complex not only in structural terms but also in sophisticated methods and management systems. We try and keep ourselves in touch with the latest developments in technology within the scope of our activities and, on the basis of our in-house experience, can offer economical and workable solutions to the growing complexity of works in shorter periods.

Allied to our long experience, at the heart of things, we have a team of a large number of young, qualified and talented people as well as well wishers and patrons in our support. We have special interest to develop the execution of works to make environmental friendly as much as possible and are determined to carry the construction business into NEW HEIGHTS and to bring success for the assigned missions.